Fanny Zigdon, Designer
When it comes to design, it was her passion for fashion, first, that lit the fire within Fanny for interior design.  Born in Israel and raised in New York, Fanny comes by her sense of style and world vision of design naturally. Even as a young girl, Fanny was constantly re-styling her wardrobe and her bedroom furniture to envelop herself in a pleasing, simple, yet glamorous environment.

Today, Fanny believes when creating spaces for people to live in, interior design can take its cues from a client’s wardrobe.  But that’s where the sense of the familiar ends – Fanny prides herself on harvesting her resources to produce options, in colors, furnishing and accessories that are anything but the expected.  In addition, Fanny draws her inspiration for design from her travels, whether they are in-person or over the Internet where she is constantly sourcing new, exciting, lush and glamorous finds.
Lisa Steinhardt, Allied ASID Designer
For Lisa Steinhardt, the comforting scents and colors of fabrics and other artistic materials recreate fond memories.  Growing up, her family owned an interior design store and workroom.  Lisa happily recalls playing in the store where her first lessons, and impressions, were seeded with creativity and solid design practices. It is this childhood relationship with design that continues to inspire Lisa today.                

Lisa is strong on detail – whether this was learned at a young age or honed throughout the years, from concept to execution, Lisa is all about the finer points of design, from upholstery and artwork to accessories and wood finishes.  It is this preciseness, which helps Lisa define the space for clients in its most unique and pleasing form. 

Lisa feels that color is an emotional element in design, creating mood which, ultimately, makes people happy and content in their environment. Like her Design Loft partner, Fanny, Lisa loves to punctuate every space with a little glamour, mixing ‘something old with something new’ to create a uniquely stylish look.

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